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Burst Water Main in Taunton | Why Do Water Pipes Burst?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Burst water main is a serious problem that requires immediate action. If you have just noticed one of the following issues in your home, then there may be a burst water main: no hot water, wet carpets or flooding, water coming up through floorboards, or bubbling up from drains and pipes.

These are not the only indicators; if you notice any of the following, then there it may be a water pipe burst in the house:

  • Sudden rise in water bills

  • Water pressure suddenly drops

  • Water leaks from pipes or fittings

  • Water leaks from toilets (you'll often see this as a pink ring on the toilet)

  • Water leaks from sinks (you'll often see this as wet floor tiles)

  • Water leaks from showers, taps, and washing machines.

Burst Water Main in Taunton

Why Do Water Pipes Burst?

The main reasons that water pipes burst are:

  • High water pressure: If a pipe is too small for the amount of water flowing through it, it can burst. For example, if your home runs low on water and you turn the taps off, but there's still some running through your pipes—that's too much for them! They'll eventually give out under all that pressure.

  • Low water pressure: Water lines need to be strong enough not only when they're full of hot or cold liquid but also after they've been turned off and nothing is coming out anymore—even if there are still remnants inside them from before (think of how much harder it would be to suck gas out of an empty tank compared to one with only a few gallons left). You might think this sounds like common sense (and it should be!), but sometimes those pesky little details slip away when you're in a rush or stressed about something else entirely—what happens next could mean disaster for your home.

  • Freezing pipes: If you’ve ever left a styrofoam mug of water outside on a cold winter’s night, you’ll have seen how the water freezes and expands, making the side of the cup bulge and the styrofoam threaten to split. It’s the same when water freezes in a pipe, but the rigid pipework offers no room for the water to expand, and pressure builds up inside the pipes, and they burst, causing damage to the surrounding area and possible flooding.

To avoid this situation, we advise you to take precautions by:

  • Insulating the pipework

  • Keeping the house heated

  • Preventing cold drafts coming in from outside

  • Running the taps regularly to keep them clear of any ice build-up.

  • External Pressure: Mains water comes into your house through pipes buried underground, but external pressure on the pipes can damage them as they tend to be located much closer to the surface the closer they are to entering the house. This makes them vulnerable to damage from heavy vehicles, landscaping work, or any DIY construction. It’s important to bear this in mind and take steps to protect the pipes from human activity.

There are other reasons why pipes burst, too. Metal fatigue, corrosion, and even the simple fact that water lines break down over time are all possible causes of this problem.

If you've had your house for a long time without any major plumbing issues before now, then it doesn't really matter what caused it—the important thing is getting everything fixed up so that nothing like this ever happens again!

In addition to being a nuisance, burst pipes can cause all kinds of damage inside your home. The water that spills out will seep into carpets and floors, walls, and ceilings. It will get behind cabinet doors if there's any open space under them (who knows what could be lurking there?).

You could end up with mold growing where it shouldn't be found or even structural damage caused by rotting wood.

What Do I Do If My Main Water Pipe Bursts?

If a pipe inside your home bursts, it can cause extensive damage to your property. You should turn off the water supply immediately by locating and turning off the stop tap valve and then call an emergency plumber.

Water damage from burst pipes can be extensive. The longer you wait before acting, the more damage will occur, and the higher costs will be for repair or replacement! If you notice a leak in your main water pipe, it's important to shut off the water supply immediately.

This will stop any further damage from occurring. You can find where your main water pipe enters your home by looking for a large steel pipe that usually sits above ground or underground (if there is no concrete slab). Once you've located this stopcock/valve, turn it clockwise until it is fully closed. This will stop all flow of water into your home and prevent any further damage from occurring.

The next step is to contact an emergency plumber who can repair the burst pipe at once so that you don't have any more problems with leaks or rising costs in the future!

In a Nutshell …

While there are many reasons for burst water main, the most common causes are old age and poor maintenance. Burst pipes can happen at any time, so it’s important to know what to do if your home suddenly starts flooding with water.

The first thing is to turn off the supply immediately by locating and turning off the stop tap valve. Then call your emergency plumber or local plumber and let them know exactly where this problem is located in order for them to arrive quickly and fix it right away!

How To Check The Condition Of Your Water System

  • Check your meter reading by switching off all taps and appliances that use water and log the reading. Keep everything switched off for 2 hours, then read the meter again. The reading should be the same. If you see any difference between the two readings, then you know there is a leak in the mains water system.

  • Check your garden irrigation system is working properly by looking for any signs of visible leaks, sodden ground, dryness close to the end of the system, or dying plants. If you have an automatic system, check it switches on and off correctly before assuming you have a leak.

  • If your instant hot water boiler switches on when the taps are closed, check for leaky taps or dampness in the cupboard below the sink.

  • Regularly inspect pipe connections to taps and radiators for any water damage, leaks, mold, or dampness.

  • Any sign or smell of dampness in the house, or mold on walls, under carpets, and inside cupboards may often be caused by condensation, but if you are confident your house is well-ventilated and condensation is not the cause, then you may have a leaky pipe that needs to be investigated.

  • If you see dampness or a bulge in the ceiling, you may have a burst water pipe. Don’t try to release the water yourself, as it could bring down the ceiling and cause a lot of extra damage. Call in Pro Blocked Drains, who can advise you on what to do and help you resolve the problem with minimum disruption.

  • Book an annual CCTV drain survey with Pro Blocked Drains to check the whole water system in your home and identify any worn pipework, crack joints, or problematic blockages. You can then repair or replace it before it gets serious.

Final Words…

Having burst water main is never a pleasant experience, but with help from Pro Blocked Drains, you can resolve your water leak quickly and prevent damage to your property.

With over 20 years of experience in providing many tips for repairing burst water main solutions and 24/7 support throughout the whole year, this local Taunton firm will give you peace of mind, an accurate diagnosis, and excellent customer service.

Whether you have a leak now or simply want to guard against any future problems, Pro Blocked Drains offers you:

  • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Fully Insured Professionals

  • Competitive Prices

  • 24-hour blocked drain or water main system repair services

  • No Call Out Fee

  • Free Quotations

  • 5-star rating

  • Peace of Mind

If you are looking for expert drain clearance services near me, contact us today on 0800 611 82 99 to book a survey of your drainage system or keep our number somewhere safe and ready for the day you need our help.

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