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CCTV Drain Survey in Bournemouth | Latest Drain Advancement (2022)

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The CCTV drain survey is important to maintain home cleaning. This is because with the help of a CCTV survey you can easily locate the cause of the blockage and can find effective ways to deal with that specific blockage.

You can also use the CCTV drain survey to check the health of the pipeline system. You might think that with the help of the torch you can locate the cause of the blockage then why use the CCTV drain survey?

CCTV Drain Survey in Bournemouth

With the help of a torch, you can find the blockage but only within eyesight. In the case of most drainage systems and blockages, a single torch is not good enough.

The CCTV drainage survey works if the blockage is deeper in the drain. Using camera technology is considered precise and quick. It also causes less disruption and the camera will provide a detailed view of the drainage system so that you can accurately identify the issues.

We know this information alone, might not be enough to convince you about getting a CCTV drainage survey. Therefore, we have decided to discuss the CCTV drainage survey in detail with you so you recognize its importance.

What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A CCTV drainage survey helps to detect the main drainage problem and accurately diagnose the problem before spending money on costly solutions. This gives the customer peace of mind about what is actually wrong.

There are different types of blockages in drains. Some can be resolved by using home remedies while some need to be handled carefully by a Bournemouth drain unblocker.

Your drainage system may get blocked by a piece of rock, cloth, or paper. Home methods won't work for these problems. But if you notice the hair, grease, oil or dirt, the use of supermarket cleaning chemicals and home remedies might work.

People usually get confused about selecting the right drain cleaning method. To avoid this confusion and time, a CCTV drain survey helps a lot.

A single survey uses the latest technology offering in-depth and accurate reports and footage of the drainage system. This allows people to resolve the identifying issues and maintain the drainage system correctly.

How does a CCTV Drainage Survey Work?

The working of the drainage system isn’t simple so you need an engineer to do the work for you.

The CCTV drainage survey contains a camera that is placed through a local manhole and rodding cap. Then with the help of a pipe system, this camera is pressed to capture the live picture of the internal drain system.

The camera not only captures the image of the blockage but also records the overall distance that it captures through the drain. If the camera operator sees some noticeable issue in the drain, then he will note the distance and take the images of the issue.

After the CCTV survey, the operator will see the images of the issues and find the best solutions for these problems. The distance of each problem will help you to pour the cleaning solution into the right spot.

What is the Equipment for CCTV Surveys for Drains?

Let's review which equipment you should use in CCTV surveys for drains:

1. Camera

The first thing that you need without any doubt is the camera. Make sure to use high-quality and waterproof cameras so that they do not get damaged because of the drainage water.

The better camera you use the better images you will get from underneath. The best part is that almost all the cameras in this era provide high-quality results.

Therefore you do not need to waste time searching for the right camera to take the images. With the help of the HD camera, you can also view the area that is dark and hidden.

2. Access Rods

The equipment that is used in the CCTV drainage survey is the Access rods. These rods are extremely flexible and used to push the camera according to the construction of the drainage system.

They are specially made to help to move the camera. So that people can easily navigate their drainage systems.

Even if your drainage system has a lot of turns and corners you can easily view them by using the access rods. The best part is that you can not only view it with the help of access rods but you can click the picture of the scene if you want.

3. Crawlers

The third piece of equipment that CCTV drainage surveys use is the Crawlers. Use the remote-controlled crawlers to easily access all the states of the drainage system.

By using the crawlers you can add great mobility to the CCTV drainage system. The best benefit is that crawlers also help to view the drainage system through an obstructed pipe.

What Issues Can You Find Through the CCTV Drain Survey?

As we have said earlier, many things can cause blockage in the drainage system, without finding the problem you can not accurately diagnose the problem.

Now, you might be wondering what types of issues you can locate through the CCTV drain survey.

The question is valid and we are here to answer it for you. In this section, we will discuss how you can use the CCTV drain survey to locate the maximum problems in the drainage system.

Indeed, a CCTV drainage survey is made for extensive review which means it helps to locate all the problems. So let’s review what these problems are:

  • Collapsed drains

  • Blockages

  • Corrosion

  • Burst/leaking pipes

  • Animal intrusion

  • Tree root infiltration

  • Evidence of displacement and poor installation

The best part is that all of these issues are repairable or replaceable. If the pipes are leaking then you can replace them with new ones.

If you locate blockages, a drainage engineer can rod it or jet the drain for you.

When and Why, You Will Need a Drain Survey?

Most household drains will need CCTV drainage surveys to locate an unfixable blockage All you need is to hire a professional in Bournemouth.

This is because you can’t locate the blockage with the eyes and a torch. You need something that goes deep down into the drain and locates the problem for you.

In this situation, the efficient option is the CCTV drain survey. It is a smart device that will go deep down even in narrow pipelines.

It is considered a vital tool for solving blocked drainage problems. This is because repairing a drainage system costs a lot of money so drainage companies need to make sure the diagnosis is correct.

.So first locate the problem with the help of a CCTV drainage survey then find a better and cost-effective solution to cure the problem.

The best part is that you can use the CCTV survey for multiple purposes in addition to the blocked drainage problem. This includes a home buyer drainage survey for when you are buying a house and would like peace of mind about the state of your drains.

The No.1 Company for the CCTV Drainage Survey in Bournemouth

Now the question is, do you know which company is right for the CCTV drainage survey? Pro Blocked drains are the right company that fulfills your needs and fits according to the budget. We are efficient and provide 24/7 services. You can easily contact us any time to discuss your problems.

We have a team of professionals that effectively communicate with the customers to solve their problems. We also provide a better and more cost-effective solution after finding the cause of the problem.

Wrapping It All Up…

To find the root cause of the problem you need to do a CCTV drain survey. It is a cost-effective solution to all the drainage problems.

This is because it accurately diagnoses the problem and prevents unnecessary spending on repairing the drainage. With the help of the CCTV drainage survey, you can easily see all the inside areas and check the health of the pipes.

The best feature is that the camera records the time while reaching the end spot. If you notice some issue in the drainage you can stop the camera, note the time or take a photo.

Continue to take photos of the issues until you reach the end. Take the camera out and again check all the photos to find the actual cause of the problem and its solution. So that within a short time you can get rid of the blocked drainage easily or fix any drains that require excavation or repair. Read more about Salisbury blocked drains.

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