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CCTV Drain Survey | Where Can You Find CCTV Drain Surveyors In Bovington?

Drains can get blocked for many reasons: when there is a build-up of limescale, small debris that would normally be flushed away can become trapped and, over time, cause a blockage. Similarly, if you do not use a drain sieve, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and hair can also build up and clog your drains.

If you have small children, drain blockages can become a more common occurrence, and it is quite typical for small toy parts to flush away when the bath water is drained or whole rolls of toilet paper to be crammed down the toilet in one go. In addition, nappies, wet wipes, and sanitary products can cause a drain blockage if they are disposed of in the toilet rather than in the bin.

Oftentimes, you can clearly see the cause of the drain blockage and deal with it accordingly, but sometimes it is not that easy to know you have a drain blockage problem until you come home to a flooded kitchen, notice a damp smell in the house, or see signs of water damage on your walls or ceiling.

A simple solution to such problems, as we have mentioned above, is to conduct a CCTV drain survey. This can be used as part of your regular house maintenance schedule to check the condition of your drainage system or as a diagnostic tool when you suspect you have a leak or a blockage.

CCTV Drain Survey In Bovington

CCTV drain surveys are used for inspecting and cleaning drain pipes that are buried underground. The process of a CCTV drain survey involves using a high-resolution camera to inspect the pipe, identify any issues with it, and determine whether or not it needs to be cleaned or repaired.

The operator inserts the CCTV camera into the drainage system via an inspection manhole. The camera is then maneuvered remotely through the system using flexible rods. As it travels the length of the drainage system, images are fed back to the operator, who can then analyse what they are seeing.

Any damage, limescale, and debris buildup can be clearly seen, and the exact location logged. Once the information has been analyzed and collected, the surveyor will determine the most effective corrective methods that should be used, whether this be jetting, using chemical unblockers, or replacing or repairing pipes.

The engineers at Pro Blocked Drains have the added advantage of using WIN CAN software which enables them to analyze data in greater depth, compare it against previous results, and consult with other members of the team remotely whilst still at the survey site.

CCTV drain surveys should be considered as part of general maintenance for your property and not just in emergencies, as they help prevent major structural damage from happening to properties or businesses by identifying problems with their drainage systems before they become serious issues.

They can also help homeowners understand how best to maintain their drains so that they don't need any repairs in the future.

Who Needs A CCTV Drain Survey?

In addition to helping homeowners or business owners maintain their property and prevent damage caused by flooding or leaks, drainage surveys can be useful when buying a property for the first time as they will identify potential future issues with the building.

They are also very important in the construction industry, environmental conservation, and public health because they help prevent sewer damage which could lead to diseases such as cholera or hepatitis.

The survey can also provide information about soil conditions which will allow architects to design buildings that are most suited for their surroundings.

Where Can You Find CCTV Drain Surveyors In Bovington?

If you are in Bovington or the surrounding areas, you can contact Pro Blocked Drains to conduct a CCTV survey. With over 20 years of experience in the drainage business and with nationwide coverage, Pro Blocked Drains will provide you with the best emergency drain unblocker and give you fast, efficient, friendly local customer care.

All of our staff members are highly trained and experienced in the industry, so they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to drainage systems.

With a full range of services on offer, including CCTV drain surveys, WINCAN, jetting, and repair. We are qualified to carry out a wide range of drainage problems, from domestic to commercial and infrastructure projects.

Final Words

We hope this blog post has given you a better idea of what CCTV drain surveys entail and why they are so important for the safety of your home or business. If you need more information about our services, please get in touch with us today either by dropping us an email or calling on 0800 611 82 99.

We are experienced in all types of drainage problems and provide free quotes for all work carried out by our team of specialists. We also offer a 24/7/365 emergency service for any urgent repairs you may require.

Our team is made up of specialists who can quickly diagnose the problem with your drains or sewers so that we can get it fixed quickly for you, regardless of whether this involves us sending an engineer around to inspect your drains or if you need us to carry out regular maintenance on any existing systems within your home or business premises.

Our aim is always to solve your problem as quickly as possible without causing further damage or inconvenience along the way – we try our best not only because this saves time but also because it reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary repairs later down the line when there may be more complications involved!

With Pro Blocked Drains, we guarantee you:

  • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Full Indemnity Insurance

  • Competitive Prices

  • 24/7 drain services

  • Availability 365 days of the year

  • No Call Out Fee

  • Free Quotations

  • Friendly service

  • Guaranteed Work

  • 5-star rating

  • Peace of mind

It’s simple to book a CCTV drain survey with us. Just drop an email to or call us on 0800 611 82 99. Our friendly staff is always happy to help! Learn more information about Drain Jetting Services.

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