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CCTV Drain Survey in Dorchester | Why Use CCTV Drain Inspection?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Damaged or blocked drains can cause serious problems if left undetected, and often, by the time you realize you have a problem, the cost of repair and disruption to your normal daily life can be high. To prevent such costly problems from occurring, a regular camera drain inspection can help to identify sources of damage or areas where debris has accumulated at a very early stage when it is easier and cheaper to fix.

CCTV Drain Survey in Dorchester

A regular CCTV drain survey can reveal many different situations, such as:

Damaged pipes: Construction work carried out close to underground pipework could damage pipes due to the weight and impact of construction vehicles overhead. However careful workers are, accidents do happen.

Sometimes the damage caused is not noted at the time, but a small crack in the structure will grow under pressure and over time. This could lead to anything from a slow leak into the surrounding subsoil, weakening the structures above, to a collapse in the pipe itself.

Such damage could go unnoticed for many months or even years up until the point where it has gone beyond being a simple repair and has become a major issue. A camera drain inspection is a perfect way to identify any potential issues.

Debris Build Up: Most households are careful to throw away their vegetable peelings into the composting bin, but very few take the same amount of care when it comes to emptying the coffee grains from the cafeteria, rinsing out the frying pan, or picking up the hair that has accumulated in the shower drain.

Add that to a build-up of soap scum, sanitary products flushed down the toilet, or the occasional DIY tool covered in Polyfilla or grouting rinsed out in the sink, and you have a recipe for disaster, or at least cause to be worried about a drain blockage occurring which you will not know about until your drains overflow or your sink water drains away too slowly.

Only by using a camera drain inspection will you be able to see early signs of debris build-up and take corrective action before it’s too late.

Tree roots: If you’ve ever seen a building that has been left for any length of time, you’ll understand just how invasive tree roots can become. In their search for water, they will break through concrete structures and disintegrate brickwork.

Concrete, clay, and even plastic pipes don’t stand a chance and can be easily invaded by these roots and may at first suffer just a small hairline crack from which water leaks slowly, and as time passes, these cracks will widen and may cause the drainage pipe to collapse.

Rats and Roaches: Lift up a drain cover and you will often see signs that cockroaches or rats are living there. While they stay in the drains outside, you may be tempted to leave them alone and let them stay.

But they will use the drains to enter your home in search of food and nesting materials and bring with them dirt and bacteria that can harm you and your family.

What’s more, rats have a habit of chewing through electrical wiring, insulation materials, wooden furniture, hard plastic, cement, and even very thin metal. Who knows, they may even chew holes in the drainage pipes themselves!

How is a CCTV Drain Survey Done?

A CCTV drain survey is a non-invasive procedure whereby a high-definition camera is placed into the drain through an access manhole and then maneuvered through the drainage system using access rods and crawlers.

As it moves through the entire drainage system, it captures images of the condition of the pipework. Any drain blockage, cracks, or holes in the drain pipes can be identified, and the location noted so it can be found again from the outside. This means repairs can be made with minimal disruption. Once this information has been collected, it is analyzed by the engineers, who will then identify the best and most cost-effective solution to rectify the problems.

In addition, by using WinCan sewer inspection software, engineers gain detailed and insightful data which helps plan maintenance, improve performance and achieve compliance with the UK national drainage standards.

These standards are particularly important for camera drain inspections for commercial properties and local authority infrastructure as they help to standardize individual inspections citywide across the country and maintain the reliability and integrity of the drain inspections done.

Data collected through WinCan can be stored in the cloud, so engineering teams can have immediate access from anywhere to make decisions based on the findings. The software also allows simple and fast inspections to be made directly by a smartphone or tablet, and an accurate GPS position can be saved. WinCan also uses 3D sensors to record a wastewater pipe run directly during the TV inspection.

The purpose of conducting a CCTV drain survey is to identify problems and decide on a course of action to rectify them. With the WinCan software, our engineers are able to simulate how the current findings may evolve into future problems and identify hidden trends and root causes through visualization, inevitably saving time and money in the remedial planning service.

Why use Us for your WinCan CCTV Drain Inspection?

Pro Blocked Drains has a reputation for excellent customer service and a high standard of workmanship. With our state-of-the-art CCTV drain survey equipment and WInCan software, comprehensive checks can be made, and all reporting can be standardized to maintain consistency throughout.

Pipes with diameters between 75mm and 2500mm can be surveyed, and full reports are returned, which can include video footage, schematics, and CAD drawings of the CCTV drain inspection results. Making our service suitable for domestic and commercial drain inspection requirements.

Our friendly team of engineers is on hand to explain the results, advise on the next course of action and provide costs for any remedial work required. What’s more, our CCTV drain survey provides the best and most cost-effective drain inspection system as full inspection results can be obtained in one session without the need for follow-up inspections.

This not only reduces costs and disruption but also allows for any remedial action to be made quickly, thus preventing any faults found from getting worse or causing problems with other surrounding structures caused by leaks, pests, or collapse.

The Best CCTV Drain Survey in Dorchester Guaranteed to Work

Pro Blocked Drains has been serving both domestic and commercial customers for twenty years across the UK and, in this time, has built a reputation amongst its customers for providing a high quality of work. You can expect from us:

  • Highly-trained specialist engineers

  • Compliance with UK sewage inspection standards

  • Fully qualified Safe-Contractor-Approved workers

  • Fast response to your inquiry

  • High level of customer service

  • Free no-obligation quotation

  • State-of-the-art equipment to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently

  • Friendly customer service

  • 24-hour a day service 365 days of the year

  • Guaranteed workmanship

How to Get in Touch

It’s easy to get in touch with Pro Blocked Drains in Dorchester; simply call 0800 611 82 99 or email today to book your CCTV drain inspection or to ask for advice and a free, no-obligation quote. Learn more information about Drains Clearance Services Near Me or drain clearance tips to do yourself.

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