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CCTV Drain Survey in Southampton | A Brief Guide To What You Need To Know

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Keeping residential spaces clean and trouble-free needs you to keep drainage clear of blockages or damage. It’s not a simple task to declutter drainage pipes entirely, as they are not always easy to access. However, the struggle is worth the results.

There are multiple reasons ‌drainage pipes get blocked. Still, the unpleasant consequences are always the same: leftover food particles, debris, grease, oil, dirt, and several other elements combine to form obstructions in the pipes. And, like the multiple blockage sources, there are many solutions to clean the drains.

Prior to jumping into the cleaning process, an essential aspect to consider is exactly what is causing the blockage. To find this out, you need to perform a CCTV drain survey.

CCTV Drain Survey in Southampton | A Brief Guide To What You Need To Know

This super-efficient and the cost-effective device will help you view the internal condition of your blocked pipes and detect the problem areas with ease.

In addition, a CCTV drain survey will provide you with invaluable information about your drainage system. Let’s get down to the CCTV drain survey in Southampton and learn how you can benefit from this device.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a drainage maintenance device that detects the root cause of drainage problems. This makes it easier to select the right solution without spending excessively on labor to investigate the issue. And then, you can quickly begin the cleaning process.

Drainage pipes can get blocked because of multiple items of debris such as leaves, roots, food particles, dirt, rock, cloth, paper, oil, and grease. Some of these objects can be dissolved by home remedies, while others need specific chemicals to achieve the desired results.

Home remedies and quick fixes work for minor blockages from items such as dirt, cloth fibers, hair, paper, or debris. However, dedicated chemicals are needed when dealing with rock, oil, or significant dust buildup.

It would help if you never began to resolve your drainage problems without knowing what you are dealing with. At the very least, you could waste money on chemicals. At worst, you could make the situation more serious. The CCTV drain survey will benefit you, save you time and money, and guide you to the right solution for the job.

It uses cutting-edge technology known as iTouch, which offers in-depth and accurate reports of the drainage system. Moreover, you can also use the CCTV drain survey to record footage of the area.

What is the Equipment Used in the CCTV Drain Survey?

The CCTV drain survey requires four pieces of equipment to locate the object causing the blockage. If you are on a tight budget, you can make a CCTV survey device at home, but make sure you have high-quality waterproofing in the house, and seek professional help if you haven’t got a camera.

The following list will give you an idea of the requirements to make your CCTV drain survey.

1. Camera

The camera is the leading equipment in the CCTV drain survey. It helps you take images and record videos of the complete drainage system. Adequate water resistance is a must-have criterion for a camera used since it will be exposed to liquids.

The camera's image quality will determine the clarity and vividness of the pictures you get of the drainage system. Since we live in a technology-driven era with high-resolution cameras now readily available, there isn’t a need to spend a lot on getting a particular camera;

therefore, you will easily be able to obtain high-definition images of all areas in the drainage pipe.

2. Access Rods

Access rods add flexibility to the CCTV drain survey system, making the decluttering job easier. These rods feature an extremely flexible structure and help push the camera through the pipe, regardless of its construction.

You can quickly move the camera inside the drainage pipes without causing any damage. Access rods allow accurate navigation, even when there are a lot of twists and edges. Furthermore, the distance of the drainage system can also be recorded by the camera and access rods.

3. Crawlers

Crawlers are used to add mobility to the CCTV drainage system. However, you will need to use remote-controlled crawlers to access every single stage of the drainage system by giving more mobility to the CCTV drain survey system.

4. Sonar

Finally, it would help if you had sonar to complete the construction of the CCTV drain survey. Sonar is reserved for filled pipes as it enables complete sight of the drainage pipe from the inside, which isn’t visible to the naked eye.

What Issues Can You Find Through the CCTV Drain Survey?

In addition to viewing the cause of the blockage and the condition of the drainage system, there are many other issues that you can locate through the CCTV drain survey.

Might you be wondering?

What other issues can a drainage system have? This is a common question, as people generally do not know about drainage problems.

The major issues you will find with drainage systems are:

  • Collapsed drains

  • Blockages

  • Corrosion

  • Burst/leaking pipes

  • Animal intrusion

  • Tree root infiltration

  • Evidence of displacement and poor installation

These issues might not seem a big deal at first, but they can lead to adverse consequences if not taken care of correctly. A CCTV drain survey will help you to prevent further problems from occurring.

The good news is that all these drainage system issues are repairable. After understanding the case, if pipes are leaking, you can replace them with new ones.

The cost to repair pipes is high, but that’s not all; the durability of pipes is reduced after you repair them. Therefore, it is always better to change them as soon as possible. If pipes have been incorrectly installed, they can be reused and reinstalled in the right way to prevent any future problems from occurring.

With blocked drains, you can use specific unblockers made for the purpose. This kind of approach does save a lot of money and time. However, make sure to choose chemicals that are not harsh and irritant in nature. Very intense formulas may damage both your hands and the drainage pipes.

In the case of low-quality drainage construction, it is always better to use home remedies because they are less harsh than commercial unblockers but are often effective in dissolving blockages.

CCTV Drain Survey In Southampton That Is Guaranteed To Work

To resolve blocked drain issues, you can contact Pro Blocked Drains professionals in Southampton. You can get Pro Blocked Drains on 0800 611 82 99 and speak to one of our professionals about your drainage problems.

We promise you the most excellent and satisfactory skill-set and customer service. We guarantee you the best service, including 24/7 customer support, all at an affordable rate.

Our CCTV Drain Survey In Southampton Does What Other Companies Can't!

Pro Blocked Drains is better than other Southampton drain unblocking companies for the following reasons.

  • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Fully Insured

  • Competitive Price

  • 24-hour blocked drain services

  • No Call-Out Fee

  • 5-star rating

These services make it easy for clients to speak to us and discuss their drainage-related issues. Our professionals begin by inspecting the cause of the blockage, followed by fixing the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our professionals Drain Survey Using CCTV, also known as no-dig camera technology. With the help of this technology, they can look inside the pipe and locate all the blockages quickly, thus ensuring a fast, effective service using the right equipment.

We also provide services 24/7, so clients can rely on us any day or night. So, if you have a drainage problem, contact the Pro Blocked Drains company right away and give yourself peace of mind.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

To find the root cause of any drainage problem, you need to do a CCTV drain survey. It is a cost-effective solution to all drainage problems because it helps you resolve the issue more efficiently and with the correct answer, saving you money.

With the help of the CCTV drain survey by Pro Blocked Drains, you can get convenient access to otherwise unapproachable areas of your drainage system and thus come up with better solutions to fix the problems.

A significant feature is that the camera records the time while it travels through the system, so if you notice a problem in the drains, you can stop the camera, note the time, or even take a photo of that particular spot.

Once the endpoint is reached, the process can be repeated until all the problems are located. This means that you can repair the drainage system with a more focused and cost-effective approach.

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