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The Best Drain Unblocker in Bournemouth

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Most of us have a morning routine. For me, it’s waking up early, taking the dog for a walk along the beach, and returning home for a shower and breakfast before setting off to work. With four of us in the household trying to get ready for work and school, I normally return from my dog walk in the hope that everyone else has already showered, and the bathroom is free for me to enjoy.

But life does not always run so smoothly and more than once, I’ve turned on the shower only to find the water won’t drain away and the water still left in the shower tray from the last showerer is spilling over the lip and beginning to flood the floor. I must abort my shower, wash as best as I can in the sink, and head into work. With important meetings to attend in the morning, there’s nothing more I can do until I come home again—blocked drains are the last thing I need!

The Best Drain Unblocker in Bournemouth

My busy day at work soon pushes all thoughts of the blocked drains from my mind, but it returns like an unwelcome guest as soon as I walk through the front door of my home later that night. I find my youngest, always wanting to help, attempting to clean up the water, still lying on the bathroom floor. This has resulted in a bigger mess as water has now escaped the room and seeped into the carpet on the hallway floor.

The smell of wet wool is already pervading the house, but it’s too cold to open all the windows to let the air circulate. And unless I do something to fix the problem, it will still be there tomorrow and no one will be able to shower. Despite my tiredness, I must find a Bournemouth's professional drain unblocker to use, and unsure if I can find a plumber after hours, I must attempt the work myself.

Tips for Drains Clearance

Remove the blockage by hand

It’s not the most pleasant thing to do, but the easiest and most cost-effective method to remove a drain blockage is by hand. Where hair is blocking the entrance to the drain, you may be able to simply pull it out and dispose of it.

You can assist the process by bending a metal coat hanger into a hook and using it to reach deeper along the pipe. You will know if you have been successful as the water will drain away quickly, but if it still drains slowly, you may still have a blockage further down the pipe you need to deal with. Soap scum is a likely culprit and you will need something a little stronger to shift it.

Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda

I learned this tip from my grandmother, and it is a very useful one to remember. Mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together causes a chemical reaction that is quite caustic and will fizz and bubble. By tipping equal quantities, first the bicarbonate of soda and then the vinegar into the drain, you can use this chemical reaction to dislodge the offending blockage and allow for it to be flushed away using hot water.

Note well that you must mix the two chemicals in the drain, not a jug as they react immediately. Then leave the mixture to do its work for 20-30 minutes before flushing the system with hot water. You must take care to wear protective gloves, as the caustic mixture can burn your hands. Also, if you have plated fittings around the drain, take care to pour the mixture directly into the drain to prevent any damage to the decoration.

Use Commercial Drain Unblocking Chemicals

You may prefer to buy a commercial drain unblocker and there are quite a few available from larger supermarkets or D.I.Y. centers to choose from. Here are a few recommendations:

Thrift T-600 Alkaline drain cleaner is activated in just a few seconds when you add it to boiling water. It does not have any odor and is available in crystal form, so is easy to use.

pure lye drain opener has an odourless non-acidic formula. The strength of this formula is industry level and is suitable for ‌plastic and chrome pipes.

Drano Max Drain gel is another efficient drain unblocker on the market. Its concentration is thick and helps to dissolve dirt of all kinds. If the blockage is not too stubborn, then you can use a diluted form of this unblocking gel.

Green Gobbler is suitable to remove blockages of all types. It has a strong formula and is caustic, so care should be taken when using it.

If you'r wondering about how to unblock drains. With all these drain unblockers, you should always wear heavy-duty gloves and safety goggles to avoid any injury caused by chemical burns, allergic reactions, or physical damage. If you are unsure what you are doing or have any allergies, you may prefer to call on the professionals for help instead and take no risk.

The Best Drain Clearing Service in Bournemouth

Guaranteed To Work

When you are busy at work all day, the last thing you want to do when you come home at night is to roll up your sleeves and mess about with blocked drains. Any drain unblocking can be dirty, smelly, and time-consuming work, especially when you are unsure of exactly what to do. Besides, there is always a risk of making the situation worse. But if you live in Bournemouth, you don’t have to attempt the work yourself.

Pro Blocked Drains is a well-known company serving customers all over the UK and with a local office in Bournemouth, Pro Blocked Drains offers a 24-hour a day service 365 days of the year.

As drainage professionals, Pro Blocked Drains knows exactly how to find the problem and has all the skills and tools to resolve it quickly and efficiently. With a fast response, fully qualified Safe-Contractor-Approved workers, no call-out fee, and excellent customer service, satisfaction is guaranteed. And all at a budget-friendly price.

So, next time you have a blocked drain in Bournemouth, call 0800 611 82 99 and relax whilst Pro Blocked Drains deals with your drain blockage. Learn more about How To Unblock Drains in Bristol?

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