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Professional Drains Clearance Services In Cranborne

When your drain is blocked, it can be a real nightmare. Not only will your wastewater not drain away making your sink, bath, or even toilet unusable, but dirty water can stagnate and cause an unpleasant smell to pervade every corner of your home.

Drains Clearance Services In Cranborne

Unless you are very vigilant, a drain blockage can easily occur at any time–washing up oily or greasy pans without pre-soaking in detergent, tipping coffee grains or tea leaves down the drain rather than disposing of them properly into the compost, or forgetting to put sanitary products into the bathroom bin and flushing them away in the toilet instead–can all lead to a blocked drain and your need to find a drains clearance service.

What is the best way to clear a blocked drain?

If a drain is blocked and you're not sure how to unblock it, there are several methods you can try.

  • Use a plunger: Every household should have a plunger at hand. These are inexpensive to buy and can be found in all DIY stores and some of the larger supermarkets. The plunger works by creating a vacuum so that when the plunger is pumped it will dislodge any debris and allow it to be either removed by hand or flushed away. You may need to use your plunger more than once to completely clear the blockage.

  • Use an auger or drain snake: These are very similar and involve you inserting a flexible rod into the blocked drain and then manipulating it to dislodge the debris and either pull it back up to be removed or to be flushed away by running the tap.

  • Use a drain cleaner: If the blockage is further down the drain than an auger can reach, try using a chemical drain cleaner to dissolve any buildup in the pipes. Pour some of your chosen product into the blocked area and watch for bubbles. When they appear, stop pouring and wait at least five minutes before attempting to clear out whatever's left blocking your pipe with another round of plunging or snake usage. Although chemical drain cleaners work well, they are dangerous and should be avoided by anyone who isn't experienced with them or doesn't have the right equipment.

  • If your blockage persists after trying these methods and none of them seem to work for you, then consider calling in professional help from an expert like Pro Blocked Drains who have many years of experience in clearing blocked drains quickly and efficiently.

What is the root cause of my blocked drain?

You can get rid of your blocked drain by finding out what is causing it to clog up in the first place. Is it the hair? Grease? Did someone pour something down the sink that shouldn't have gone there?

It is important to understand the cause of your drain blockage especially if you want to use a chemical drain cleaner. Although there are emergency drain unblockers available on the market, you will find them more effective if they are targeted to the nature of the debris.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

You can never tell when your drain will be blocked. There are some tell-tale signs, however, that will help you to know if your drains are blocked and need to be cleared as soon as possible.

  • The drain smells or there is an odor pervading the home.

  • Water pooling around the drain will suggest that the water is overflowing.

  • Water backs up in the sink, bathtub, or toilet when it’s not being used.

  • The drain is slow to drain away.

  • The toilet flushes slowly, or not at all

How do you unblock an outside drain?

You can unblock an outside drain with a drain snake, plunger, and auger. A chemical drain cleaner will also work. If that doesn't work, use a high-pressure water jetter or hydro jetter. If you choose to use chemical drain unblockers, take care if you have any pets or small children, and keep them out of the area as you work on the drain clearance.

How often should you clean your drains?

The answer to this question depends on several factors.

  • How many people live in your house, and how much are they use the drains? If you have a large family and use the shower or bath every day, it is likely that the drain will get blocked more often than if there is just one person living in an apartment or small house.

  • How old your drain is? A newer drain may need clearances more often than an older one, simply because it might not be able to withstand as much usage before becoming blocked again.

Call us for all your drainage needs

We offer a wide range of services, including drain clearance, sewer repair and maintenance, and many more. Our company is highly reputable and we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

Our experts understand that plumbing problems can happen at any time of day or night, so we are available 24/7 to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.

How can Pro Blocked Drains help you?

If you are having trouble with your drains and are looking for a drain unblocking service, then Pro Blocked Drains are the right people to come to. As a national UK company with over 20 years of experience working with all types of drainage systems, we have extensive expertise in all manner of drainage systems and drainage problems. What’s more, we have engineers based locally in Cranborne.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best service so you will keep coming back to us for all your plumbing and drainage needs. With Pro Blocked Drains we guarantee you:

  • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Full Indemnity Insurance

  • Competitive Prices

  • 24/7 drain services

  • Availability 365 days of the year

  • No Call Out Fee

  • Free Quotations

  • Friendly service

  • Guaranteed Work

  • 5-star rating

  • Peace of mind

If you are based in Cranborne or the surrounding areas and need more information about our services, please get in touch with us today either by dropping us an email or calling on 0800 611 82 99. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is always happy to help and we will give you a free quote for all work carried out by our team of specialists. We also offer a 24/7/365 emergency service for any urgent repairs you may require.

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