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The Best Drains Clearance Services Near Me in Bath

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We've all been there: you're at home, enjoying your day when suddenly the drain in your bathtub starts to back up. You call a plumber out to fix it only to find out that they can't come until tomorrow, but until then, you have a clogged drain and no way of getting rid of the water accumulating below it. What do you do?

Drains Clearance Services Near Me in Bath

Remove the Blockage Manually

It’s not the most pleasant thing to do, but the easiest and most cost-effective method to remove a drain blockage is by hand. Wearing heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands and forearms, lift the drain cover and, with the help of a torch, locate the blockage and pull it out.

You can assist the process by bending a metal coat hanger into a hook and using it to reach deeper along the pipe. If someone has put the wrong type of paper down the toilet or simply just too much of it, removing some may make it then possible to flush the rest away.

Use a Drain Snake

A drain snake is a long flexible steel cable that is wound with a handle or attached to an electric drill for easier operation. It moves along the drain in a twisting motion, catching debris as it travels through.

When you pull the drain snake back out, it removes the debris along with it. To unblock a toilet drain, find and lift the drain cover and insert the drain snake. You may need to repeat the process a few times until the toilet water begins to flow freely again.

If you are using this method to unblock a toilet, wear long protective gloves and a face mask and take care not to let any of the dirty water splash into your face as it will be full of bacteria, which could make you ill.

Use Commercial Drain Unblocking Chemicals

You may prefer to buy a commercial drain unblocker, and there are quite a few available from larger supermarkets or D.I.Y. centers to choose from. Here are a few recommendations:

Thrift T-600 Alkaline drain clearance services are activated in just a few seconds when you add it to boiling water. It does not have any odor and is available in crystal form, so it is easy to use.

A pure lye drain opener has an odorless non-acidic formula. The strength of this formula is industry level and is suitable for ‌plastic and chrome pipes.

Drano Max Drain gel is another efficient drain unblocker on the market. Its concentration is thick and helps to dissolve dirt of all kinds. If the blockage is not too stubborn, then you can use a diluted form of this unblocking gel.

Green Gobbler is suitable for removing blockages of all types. It has a strong formula and is caustic, so care should be taken when using it.

With all these drain unblockers, you should always wear heavy-duty gloves and safety goggles to avoid any injury caused by chemical burns, allergic reactions, or physical damage.

If you are unsure what you are doing or have any allergies, you may prefer to call on the professionals for help instead and take no risk.

Blocked Drain Clearance For Emergency Situations

If you are suffering from blocked drains, then you may need drainage services. You can consider hiring a professional to unblock your drains, as they will be able to determine the cause of the issue and determine if it is something that can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

The following tips should help you find an experienced plumber in Bath who can clear your drains:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations. This is one of the easiest ways to find a good plumber in Bath because people that you know personally will recommend someone who has done work for them before and knows how to get results fast.

  • Look on local business directories such as Yell or Google My Businesses, which list local businesses' contact details, including their website address, so that you know where they are located as well as any other information like opening hours or email addresses if needed. If there aren't any listings available online, then try searching other sites like Yelp!, which have reviews written by actual customers who've used these services at least once before, so they'll have some idea whether this was worth their money. Spent."

  • Or, call Pro Blocked Drains. We are a family run business that prides itself on our values, vision, and mission. We are a nationwide company that prides itself on taking great care to ensure each of our clients is treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism at all times. Our ethos is simple: we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their homes free from the worry of drain problems. That's why we offer affordable drainage repairs and cleaning services throughout Bath and the surrounding areas. Our skilled engineers will work quickly but safely to get your drains back running smoothly again so you can get on with living your life.

The Best Drain Clearing Service in Bath Guaranteed To Work

Drain and toilet unblocking is dirty, smelly, and time-consuming work, especially when you are unsure what to do. And there is always a risk of making the situation worse. But if you live in Bath, you don’t have to attempt the work yourself.

Pro Blocked Drains is a well-known company serving customers all over the UK and with a local office in Bath, which offers a 24-hour day service 365 days of the year. As drainage professionals, Pro Blocked Drains knows exactly how to find the problem and has all the skills and tools to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

With a fast response, fully qualified Safe-Contractor-Approved workers, no call-out fee, and excellent customer service, satisfaction is guaranteed. And all at a budget-friendly price.

All you need to do is to contact the best engineers for your drainage. So, next time you have a blocked drain in Bath, call 0800 611 82 99. We’ll be pleased to help you at any time of the day or night. Learn more information about CCTV Drain Survey and Why Use CCTV Drain Inspection.

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