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Emergency Blocked Drain In Basingstoke

It’s not uncommon to get a blocked drain once in a while–vegetable peelings, tea leaves, hair, and grease are common causes, and if you catch it early enough, the drain blockage can often be cleared by yourself with little need for any DIY knowledge. However, occasionally you will run into a much more serious problem, and you may need professional help to resolve it.

So what kind of drain blockage problems are we talking about?

We often take for granted the sinks, baths, and toilets in the house, and while we expect the kids to use a little too much toilet paper or soap sud scum to clog the sink, we can easily be caught out by a Barbie doll pushed around the u-bend, lego bricks forced down the drain after bath night, kitty litter flushed away down the toilet, or the overzealous DIY’er in the house who washes out the grouting bucket in the kitchen sink.

Oftentimes, you don’t realize you have a problem until you notice the water draining away too slowly or the toilet overflowing onto the floor when you flush. And if you ignore the early signs, you risk water creeping along the wooden beams and soaking into the plasterboard or, even worse, water accumulating in the space above the ceiling, and one day when it gets too heavy and the ceiling breaks, flooding the room below and damaging the furniture.

Emergency Blocked Drain In Basingstoke

Exactly who you can rely on in an emergency is something every homeowner should make sure they know. And living in Basingstoke, there is one company you can depend on–100%.

Pro Blocked Drains is a well-known national company serving customers all over the UK and with a local office in Basingstoke. Professional, friendly, and efficient, Pro Blocked Drains are recognized as the best in the business and have helped countless homeowners and businesses get their drains back to normal.

Pro Blocked Drains can offer you a complete service: from using state-of-the-art camera technology to inspect your drainage system to discover the exact nature and location of your drain blockage and identify any damage caused to pipework and joints. A CCTV drain survey is not the end. Once the problem has been identified, Pro Blocked Drains may use a variety of solutions to clear the blockage, and then they will provide drain repair services if needed.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

In addition to draining jetting, Pro Blocked Drains also offers a drain survey service that helps to identify the exact nature and location of any drain blockages and will find any damage to pipes or joints.

A high-quality CCTV camera is inserted into the drain. Pro Blocked Drains surveyors are then able to take a recording of the whole drainage system and accurately analyze the state of the pipework and determine the best and most cost-effective way to bring it back to working properly again, preventing sewage backups and saving homeowners time and money.

Basingstoke Emergency drain unblocking services are fast and efficient so that you can get back to your day as quickly as possible.

What is Drain Jetting?

One of the best drain unblocker methods is drain jetting. Drain jetting is a process that uses pressurized water to clear clogs and restore flow in your drains. It’s an efficient way to unblock your drains, and it’s a lot less messy than traditional drain snake services.

Instead of using a long pipe snake to clear a blockage in your drain, you can use a drain jetting gun to do the same job at a much faster speed. This process is very effective and can clear a blockage in as little as 20 minutes. When your drain is clear, a drain jetting service leaves no mess behind.

Drain Clearance Using Chemicals

Some stubborn or inaccessible blockages may need a chemical solution to be applied. All drain clearance chemicals, even those bought from local supermarkets, come with inherent risk as they are generally caustic or may aggravate sensitive skins and allergies.

The Pro Blocked Drains professionals are suitably equipped and trained to use these chemicals with minimal risk to themselves, people living in the house, or pets and can resolve your drainage problems safely and with minimal disruption.

The Best Drain Clearing Service in Basingstoke is Guaranteed To Work

Here’s what you can expect with Pro Blocked Drains:

  • 24-hour a day service 365 days of the year.

  • Highly skilled operators

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Fast response

  • Fully qualified Safe-Contractor-Approved workers

  • No call-out fee

  • Excellent customer service

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Budget-friendly prices

  • Free quotations

  • Peace of mind

If you need to know about your blocked drain. We’re here to help you. So, if you are experiencing issues with your drains, call us today on 0800 611 82 99 for an estimate or send an email for advice and recommendations. And don’t forget, we are here 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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