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How To Choose The Correct Drainage Contractor

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

There are things you should consider when choosing the correct preferred contractor for your drainage project ...

This Picture is about How To Choose The Correct Drainage Contractor

A drainage issue can be a huge burden to your day-to-day and can also prove to be costly. It’s often difficult to know who you can trust will do the job correctly and cost-effectively. That’s why we’ve put together some useful things to consider.

1) Consider if they charge a call-out fee

Here at Pro Drainage we never charge a call-out fee. This means if you

have an emergency or multiple you won’t be stung with unexpected

call-out costs. As well as this if you have a bigger project, you will have

peace of mind knowing you can receive a free site visit and quotation for

the works needed.

Speak to our friendly team for help with your drainage project needs. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

2) Are they safe contractor approved or fully insured?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of drainage companies that employ unqualified engineers and cut corners with the insurance. Pro Drainage is safe contractor approved and fully insured.

3) Get as many options as you can

It is useful to keep your options open and collect multiple quotes for your drainage project and to know about drainage unblocking hacks. Referrals are always a vote of confidence and so are online


We are the UK’s leading drainage and liquid waste experts. Based nationwide with the head office in Bournemouth and operational 24/7 365 days a year, we offer a diverse portfolio of best-experienced drainage, pump station, septic tank, soakaway drainage, and sewage system services to residential customers and some of the largest commercial brands in the UK.

Call us on 0800 611 82 99 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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