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A Fast Guide On How To Unblock A Drain, In Southampton

Updated: Jun 28

Blockages in waste pipes are common, as hair, food particles, grease, and many other kinds of debris accumulate in the pipework. It is challenging to keep waste pipes clear of this dirt, so you should prepare for the eventuality.

If you want to unblock the drainage system yourself, it is possible to do so; alternatively, you can contact a professional company like Pro Blocked Drains to do the work quickly and efficiently. Before you decide on the method you want to use, consider the available options.

A Fast Guide On How To Unblock A Drain, In Southampton

Which Are the Best Drain Cleaners in Southampton?

There are many proprietary cleaners available in supermarkets and D.I.Y. centers that will dissolve the blockage in the drain. These chemicals are highly reactive and clean the drain quickly, but because of their high reactiveness, some of them can damage plastic drainpipes, so it is essential to select the right drain cleaner according to the type of drainage pipes you have.

To help you select the right cleaner for the job, we have listed the top 5 drain cleaners as a guide to preventing you from causing damage to your drainage system.

The first drain unblocker in this list is the Pure Lye Drain Opener. It is an odorless, non-acidic formula. It will remove most blockages, grease traps, and septic roots because of its industrial strength. A key feature is that it works with chrome and plastic pipes without damaging them.

Next is the Thrift T-600 Alkaline Drain Cleaner. It comes in crystal form and is activated by adding to boiling water. It has no odor and is easy to use.

Drano Max Drain Gel has a thick consistency, so it is good at removing stubborn blockages. It works well with PVC, septic systems, garbage disposals, and metal pipes. If the blockage is not obstinate, you can still use this gel by diluting it.

The Green Gobbler Drain Dissolve is suitable for removing many types of blockages from the drain. It has a short formula, so it's essential to wear protective gloves and safety goggles to avoid any injury whilst handling the chemical.

Finally, Green PigSolution effectively dissolves paper and solid waste and is a mild formula, so it does not require you to wear protective gear.

All these products are effective, but if you prefer to leave it to the professionals to unblock the drains, then contact Pro Blocked Drains.

5 Effective Ways to Unblock Drains in Southampton

Besides commercial cleaners, there are many home remedies that you can use to remove the blockage after you have located its exact position and nature.

Using a CCTV Drain Survey is the best way to find the blockage as it goes quickly inside the drainage pipes and surveys the entire system, giving you all the information you need to choose a solution.

After finding the blockage point, you can use the following home remedies to unblock the drain. So let’s review them.

1. Remove the Blockage By Hand

If you remove the drain cover and use a flashlight to look inside, you may be able to reach the blockage in the drain with your hands and pull the clog of debris out. Be careful to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from dirt. You can buy drain gloves made for the purpose and give protection to your arms.

There may also be a foul smell from the drain, so wearing a mask is advisable.

Once you have located the blockage, hooking it out with your fingers may be all that’s needed, but take care not to push it further down the pipe instead.

Once you have removed the object, the water will start to flow under pressure. So pull your hand up immediately after removing the blockage.

2. Use Improvised Tools for Drain Cleaning

Rather than using your hand, you can improvise unblocking tools at home using metal coat hangers formed into a hook or a slotted spoon. These will increase your reach along the drain and make it easier to hook out the debris.

3. Use Soda Crystals to Unblock Drains

Soda crystals, also known as caustic soda, are helpful when the drain is not entirely blocked. It is a highly reactive chemical that will work well even on fat and grease.

To use caustic soda, first, reduce the water level, so the crystals do not become too diluted, then pour ½ cup of the crystals into the drain and leave it to work for a few hours. If the blockage is stubborn, you can use 1 cup of crystals instead.

After a few hours, flush the drain with boiling water.

Handling the soda crystals can irritate you, so wear protective gloves and safety goggles to protect you from harm.

Drain Unblockers In Southampton Guaranteed To Work

If you do not want to unblock the drain yourself or do not know how to do it, you can call the best drain unblocking company in Southampton, Pro Blocked Drains.

Pro Blocked Drains is a well-known company serving customers all over the UK.

We offer a 24-hour a day service so we can help you at any time, day or night. What’s more, we are the only company that meets your requirements at a budget-friendly price.

So, if you have blocked drains and need a professional to help you, we are the company you should call. We promise you excellent customer service, 24/7 customer support, and guaranteed satisfaction, all at an affordable rate.

Contact us on 0800 611 82 99.

Our Drain Unblockers In Southampton Do What Other Companies Can't!

Pro Blocked Drains is better than other Southampton drain unblocking companies for the following reasons.

  • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Fully Insured

  • Competitive Price

  • 24-hour blocked drain services

  • No Call Out Fee

  • 5-star rating

These services make it easy for our clients to contact us with their drainage problems. Our professionals use CCTV drain surveys, also known as no-dig camera technology, to inspect the cause of the blockage, then unblock the drain with the right tools in the shortest time possible.

We also provide services 24/7, so clients can rely on us on any day or night. So, contact the Pro Blocked Drains company and resolve your blocked drain problems quickly and effectively.

Wrapping It All Up

If your drainage system gets blocked, then do not worry. Many efficient solutions are available to remove it.

All you need to do is contact the best company in Southampton, Pro Blocked Drains. We will find the root cause of your blockage, discuss the right solutions with you, and solve your blockage issues quickly and efficiently.

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