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The Ultimate Guide To Unblocking Outside Drains

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The outside drainage system also plays an important role in home maintenance. This is because all the dirty water inside the house flows through the outside drains. If somehow these drains get blocked then all the water will flow back into the house and create a mess. So it’s important to keep the outside drain clean so that dirty water doesn’t flow back.

You can easily clean the outside drain by hiring a professional drainage company or attempting to do it yourself. All you need is to use the right tools and cleaners to remove the blockage. To help you in this article, we will discuss the efficient ways that you can use to unblock the drain.

We will also discuss which tools you can use to make the job a lot easier.

Ultimate Guide To Unblocking Outside Drains

5 Effective Ways Of Outside Drain Unblocker

To clean the outside drain there are many tricks. But you should start by locating where the blockage is. To check the blockage, notice the water levels in the drain chamber and see if they are overflowing.

If the drain chamber is full, this means there is a blockage behind the drain chamber. But if the chamber is drained, this indicates the blockage is upstream of it. By noticing the water level you can easily locate the blockage.

After you find the blockage point, you can use the following effective methods to unblock the drain. So let’s review them.

1. Unblock Drain By Hand

Some blockages are easy to remove and don’t require jetting, rodding, or harsh chemicals. You can remove these blockages by hand. After noticing the blockage, locate the object that is causing the blockage, put on some high-quality gloves, and simply remove it if it is in eyesight. You can use the pond or drain gloves to remove the blockage and protect the hands from getting dirty.

These gloves are specifically made for cleaning purposes.

You can also use bin bags taped around your arm but make sure you use enough to stop leakages.

In addition to the hands, you should also protect your mouth and nose. The drainage smell is sometimes unbearable. So wear a mask around the mouth and nose if the blockage is above your hands level.

After putting on protective gloves and mask, reach down into the blockage point and pull the object up. When the blockage is fully removed the water will start to flow. After you remove the blockage, immediately pull your hand above the drain.

2. Use Improvised Tools for Drain Cleaning

If you think you can’t remove the blockage with your hand then you should try using the improvised tools.

You can improvise with common household items and use them to unblock your outside drain.

You can simply use a handheld slotted spoon to enhance the reach along the drain. The slotted spoon will help with removing debris easily.

In addition, you can use a wire coat hanger to remove the blockage from the tight bend or smaller drains. But make sure to unbend the wire coat hanger so that it can act as a hook and pull the debris out of the drain.

As compared to unblocking by hand, this method is considered efficient. Use this method to get it done quickly.

3. Use Soda Crystals to Unblock Drains

If your drain is not completely blocked, you can use soda crystals. These crystals are also known as caustic soda.

It is a highly reactive chemical and can remove all stubborn blockages. Even if the blockage is because of the fat and grease you can still use soda crystals.

Before removing the obstruction you have to wait until the level of water drops.

To speed up the process you can bail out the water with the help of a container.

In addition, you have to limit the usage of water for a few hours so the soda crystals can do their work.

If you do not restrict the water usage then the water blockage will increase and soda crystals become less effective.

So make sure to free the drain from water. After you remove all the water from the drain, pour the ½ cup of caustic soda into the drain, and then after a few moments add boiling water into the drain.

As mentioned above, caustic soda is a reactive chemical. It can harm your hands while you are using it. So remember to wear durable working gloves while dealing with caustic soda. This is because gloves are the only way to protect hands from getting burnt.

You should also wear protective glasses and a mask to avoid the chemical reaction after adding the boiling water. Leave the drain with boiling water and soda crystals for 15 minutes. Then pour the normal water to make sure the blockage is removed completely.

4. Unblock Drain with a Hose

If you don’t want to risk using chemicals, you have the option of using a hose or pressure jet. The pressure jet will create pressure in the drain and remove the blockage.

But to use the hose you need to first clear the drain. Take out the dirt or remove water as much as you can with your hands or tools.

When you remove the maximum amount of rubbish from the drain, you can push the hose down the drain as much as you can and then start to seal the entrance.

To firmly cover the drain opening you can use old sheets or towels. The drain cover will help the hose to create pressure inside the drain.

When the drain gets overflowed by the pressure, the blockage will slowly go away. This method is considered efficient as it does not splash back.

Make sure to leave the hose on for 10 to 15 seconds. If during this time, the blockage doesn’t disappear then it means the hose is not strong enough for the severity of your blockage. You might need to call out the best Aldershot emergency drain unblocker to help you remove it if this is the case.

5. Use Drain Rods to Unblock Outside Drain

This efficient method to unblock the outside drain consists of drain rods. It is used by professionals and considered the best way to unblock drains.

Drain rods are really easy to use. All you need to do is make sure you are using the right technique to unblock the outside drain.

If you use the wrong technique you might struggle to unblock the drain. All you need to know about your blocked drains guide. To start the process, first, attach the right-sized plunger to the end of the drain rod that you use.

Then insert the rod into the drain and plunge it in the right way to make sure it goes into the pipe. Push the rod further into the drain and turn it clockwise to extend deeper into the blockage.

This is an effective way to remove a blockage but if your rods aren’t long enough you may have to call out Pro Blocked Drains to help you unblock the drain.

Unblock Outside Drains Using DIY Home Improvement Methods

The following DIY methods can also help unblock drains. Follow the step-by-step process and make your life easier.

1. Gather All Equipment

You will need the following equipment

  • broom handle

  • 2-liter milk bottle

  • Metal Jar Lid

  • A couple of screws

2. Prepare the Milk Bottle

For this DIY, you can use a plastic milk bottle. This is because the material becomes malleable when warm and stiffens up when cold.

Cut the neck and base of the bottle and cut the bottle to make two matching pieces of V-shaped rectangles. After trimming the bottle, drop both pieces into the hot water and leave for 5 minutes.

3. Cut the Plastic

When you put plastic into hot water, the plastic becomes flat. Measure the diameter of the pipe and cut the plastic in a circle of about 20 mm larger than the pipe.

4. Put All Equipment Together

Now attach the plastic to the pole. Take the jar lid and draw a circle on it according to the size of a wooden pole.

Pre-drill two holes through the lid into the top of the pole. Now place the 2 round plastic pieces on the top of the pole then to secure it drill two screws.

To attach the hose clamps drill pilot holes through the pole. You can also attach a screw hook to the wood.

To make sure if it breaks off from overuse then it can be fished out. The whole product is disposable as the plastic does not last long.

5. Plunge Into the Drain

Now the DIY product is ready to put into the drain. Push the plunger up and down for a few moments into the pipe to unblock all the clogs.

This is a homemade product so it can take time. You should continue to move the plunger up and down until the blockage is removed.

Unclog A Clogged Drain In Aldershot Outside From Your Home

People think by using chemicals they can remove the outside blocked drain. But the use of reactive chemicals to drain unblocking is not an effective long-term solution because chemicals can damage plastic drains.

For better results, you should avoid using chemicals. You can contact the professionals in Aldershot like Blockeddrains because we offer:

  • Professionally Qualified Workers

  • Quick Response Time

  • Fully Insured and safe contractor approved

  • Competitive Price

  • No Call Out Fee

  • The correct long-term solution

We have engineers available 24/7 so that our customers can be assured of peace of mind and excellent customer satisfaction.

To Sum Up…

It is difficult to remove the outside drain by yourself. This is because without locating the blockage you can’t find the right solution.

But by contacting professionals you can get your blockage removed quickly and have an accurate diagnosis too...

First, find the reason that causes the blockage in the drain and then find the right solution for it. If you can’t sort it out, call the Pros!

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