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Top 3 Reasons Your Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The secret to smelly-free drains and how to resolve the problem.

Top 3 Reasons Your Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs

You are planning to have friends or family over but one thing putting you off is your smelly drains. Your drains smell like rotten eggs and you want to know WHY!. It’s not the most fun job which is why we’ve given you the top most common reasons to help you...

1) Blockages

That’s right, it could be a blocked drain! Blocked drains tend to give off

this horrid rotten egg smell. If there is a blockage in the pipe the water will

often drain slower too.

If identified by an engineer early on enough, this can prevent serious further damage to your drains. Have you ever showered but for no reason at all the water levels rise and you hear a strange gurgling sound?

This could also be a big indicator your drain is blocked and damaged.

2) Bacteria build-up

A bacteria called biofilm builds up in your drains from things like toothpaste, soaps, mouthwashes, germs from our hands, raw chicken, and lots of other nasty things.

Claims have been made that a kitchen sink can contain up to 500,000 bacteria per square inch. Yuck! It might be time to get your drains professionally cleaned with a high-pressure water jetter!

3) Collapsed Drains

A collapsed drain could be considered the most extreme drainage problem you

could experience, resulting from years of poor drain maintenance, damage to pipes and sewer systems, or pipes wearing down.

You should act if you think you think you have collapsed drains or if you are unsure. A CCTV survey will identify and report any damage to the Bordon drain unblocker.

You should not use cheap drain cleaners because they are a short-term fix and most drain problems need professional opinions. A quick guide to best drain cleaning.

For expert advice call our friendly team on 0800 611 82 99.

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